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 Don Jon

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Date d'inscription : 23/11/2010

MessageSujet: Don Jon   Mer 17 Juil - 16:12

No this is not a new project for Kate, but Kate and Leo DiCaprio are included in the special thanks for this movie 'Don Jon' directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Read part of the article to find out why. Wink 

Well, the references in the movie are great. I wasn't expecting to see a "Titanic" poster in Scarlett Johansson's character's bedroom either.

Moore: That was so funny.

Danza: Wasn't that funny?

Moore: It was great.

Gordon-Levitt: I'll give credit to my editor, Lauren Zuckerman, for coming up with that idea. My original idea for that poster was "Gone with the Wind." And we had a "Gone with the Wind" poster there.

I don't know if that would have gotten a laugh like "Titanic" did.

Gordon-Levitt: No. And Scarlett was the one who said, like, "Nah, it shouldn't be 'Gone with the Wind.' She wouldn't have a 'Gone with the Wind' poster. She wouldn't know what this movie is." And I was like, "Ah, shit, you're right." But I just loved the image -- that image of the two profiles of, you know, the "Gone with the Wind" image. But Scarlett was right, so I was like, "All right, fuck." So we just left it blank and comped it in later.

Moore: Oh, no kidding?

Gordon-Levitt: Yeah. And then we were thinking, like, all right, so what movie should it be? And our editor, without telling me, just put "Titanic" in one day. And I was like, "That's hilarious."

Moore: [Laughs] I had forgotten the poster's in the shape of a heart.

Gordon-Levitt: Yeah!

Moore: It's so over the top.

Gordon-Levitt: But I was like, "They'll never let us use it." But it turned out, really, the main permission we had to get was from Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Oh, really? I just assumed it would be the studio, and not them.

Gordon-Levitt: Yeah. Well, the studio just has a fee you have to pay. But, permission-wise, it's the faces that are in the film. And so, Leo's a friend, and he was really generous to do it. And Kate was, too. You know, and their names are both in the special thank yous [during the end credits].
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Don Jon
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